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Repair your timepiece

We've serviced over 1 million clocks and watches from antique German cuckoo clocks, to antique pocket watches, antique automobile clocks, and grandfather clocks.

Precision German clockmakers

Do you have a German cuckoo clock? We repair cuckoo clocks in one of nation's few Certified Repair Centers. Anton Schneider and Hubert Herr trust us to repair your cuckoo clock, in the tradition of fine German craftsmanship.

Treasure of time

Browse our expert clock repair and watch repair services, because at Miller Clock Service, we believe every clock and watch deserves to tell time.

Miller Clock Services and Sales staff

Miller Clock

We started in 1947 at the home of Ray Miller, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. His business was to tinker and fix clocks, like the Big Ben alarm clocks, Seth Thomas mantle clocks, and Ingram pocket watches. In the early 1950's, Ray Miller asked the city's well-known jeweler, Don Bartelt, to join his business.

In 1970, Don's son, Jeff joined the business as a Licensed Horologist or Watchmaker. The reputation for fine craftsmanship and expert repair continues to grow. In 2000, Letty Haase, Jeff's daughter, joined the business to develop clock, watch, jewelry, and gift sales at Miller Clock Service and Sales. Currently, Miller Clock Service has 4 generations working at the store. Easton joined the family in July 2011, and has kept everyone on their toes ever since.

As a family owned business, customer service and loyalty are important factors. To make sure customers are always delighted, Miller Clock Service and Sales guarantees all of its clock, watch and jewelry repair services.


1820 S. Koeller St.
Oshkosh, WI 54902
(920) 235-4750


Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM
Saturday 8AM - 4PM
Sunday Closed

Contact us to learn how our family helps your family make your treasured timepiece a timeless treasure.

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